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I’m JC, Co-Host of the HR TALK! Podcast and Co-Owner/Partner of Five Star Productions in Western, NY.

With over 35 years of experience on stage, behind the microphone and in front of audiences, I bring that X factor to my stage presence that not only excites but engages people on an interpersonal level, that is second to none.


“I wish your voice was my alarm clock”

- unknown guest at Disrupt Orlando


From as far back as I can remember till about the mid 1980’s I was raised in the Radio Broadcast studio. My Father was a high profile Radio personality who took it upon himself to educate me from a very young age about all he did on a daily basis. I recall cutting my first reads and learning how to write copy with him at WCIB. I learned how to properly edit reel to reel tape with a razor and clear tape, as well as schedule content based on theme, style and genre all before I was in grade school. He taught me the finer points of interpersonal communication. How guests and listeners want to be heard, respected and valued and how through vocal delivery, as a personality, we had the ability to create an image in the mind that had deeper reach and impact than other forms of media. The experiences I gained through this education and mentoring over 8 years gave me skills at a young age that those who were just graduating college had yet to experience.


I was lucky enough to attain my first internships in the Broadcast industry. My first official Emcee events happened during this decade as Emcee/Host of a few runway modeling shows. At SUNY Geneseo I was awarded best male actor in a NYS wide acting competition, I had performed on stage in local theater as well as hosted a local cable access program. During this time I learned how to shoot and edit video, as well as Emcee, DJ and manage live events. Later in the 90’s I was honored with the opportunity to Announce/Emcee retirement ceremonies for the United States Marine Corps at Camp LeJeune, NC.


For the first part of the new millennium I began working at WNED-TV Public Broadcasting in Western New York and Southern Ontario. This gave me a chance to learn the finer technical points behind the scenes of Broadcasting as I helped pave our new path in the FCC digital transition. During this time I cut many voice over reads for use in commercials, on air promotions and documentaries. I also helped with our on air TV auction and cut many on camera spots for the benefit of the broadcasting association. We used to host the North American Rock Guitar Competition where I managed visiting artist public relation schedules, wrote copy and reviewed scripts for them. I was given the chance to announce from behind the scenes for our artist introductions. When the call came to go to live events, on behalf of PBS to interact with the community, I stepped up to the plate. We were helping educate everyone on the Digital TV transition and I became a subject matter expert on the topic. We would travel to Toronto and attend festivals to promote the Television station and hold meet and greets with the public as well.

I was part of the team during this time that helped create an interconnection between Public Television stations in New York State that became known as Thinkbright TV. This gave me the chance to build an actual Television Network from the ground up. These valued partnerships within PBS gave me further opportunity as a broadcasting consultant. Independently, I was contracted to build a TV network called Bridges TV. Aside from researching, negotiating, purchasing and ordering the required equipment to build the operational back-end, I was also in charge of content acquisition. With the help of my mentor in PBS and a separate key independent broadcast consultant, I learned the ropes of negotiating broadcast contracts and the legal fine points of broadcast acquisition. Once that project went live, we parted ways, as I devoted more time to the Thinkbright TV Network.

During my tenure with PBS I would often critique documentaries. Partly from those within our own walls, but also from the public. This provided me the chance to further network and help out the Buffalo Niagara Film festival team in their expansions between 2006 and 2008. I participated in numerous local film festivals helping critique student films from the University of Buffalo, Buffalo State College and Squeaky Wheel for the betterment of the community. In 2008 the New York Foundation for the Arts asked me to be a judge for the ACE (American Cinematic Experience) Film Festival in NYC. Much of this work was done remotely and leveraged many of the key attributes of critiquing content.

During my time with PBS I had the chance to give numerous speeches about the use of modern technology to enhance broadcast operations at many meetings and conferences. I attracted the attention of a Broadcast Management Firm in Western Massachusetts during this time, that then turned into a full time offer to join their team as the Director of Support and Training. Their business model afforded me the chance to help Broadcasters across the United States and globally. I was advising on broadcast schedules, scheduling techniques, using the software we made to their advantage and providing onsite recommendations and consultations regarding their creative packages. On top of all this, I was running a call center for software support and on call 24x7. It truly was my dream job, they rolled the dice on me and it worked! Due to family needs I walked away from the job, with my last day on staff being in Eastern Europe setting up a new client. From the shores of Waikiki to Warsaw Poland - it truly was the wildest ride of my life yet.

After leaving Western Massachusetts, an old friend and I agreed to become business partners and we started Five Star Productions.


Starting off the decade as a new business owner, it was not easy. My friend DJ Tommy Czech and I had been doing live events and performance for years, but this was the point where we officially committed to build this business. Our focus from the start was to bring a new aspect of Project Management and Broadcast Scheduling expertise to the live event realm. In the Western New York area, there was only a few competitors similar to our business model.

Leveraging our skills, assets and investing our own time and money we built a business from our garages to what is now a studio and shared office space in the Southtowns of Western New York. In 2011 I was given the chance to go to Chicago for an interview on WLS. On the heels of that interview business picked up for Five Star Productions as we slowly found ourselves managing weddings, private parties and corporate events for a multitude of clients. After building our recording studio I’ve had the chance to record narrations, voice-overs, and build training videos for corporate entities and bring the “golden voice” to every event I do. I’ve been blessed with the chance to be Emcee for many private corporate client events and award banquets, as well as for the not for profit Kaely’s Kindness Foundation.

The Erie County Interscholastic Conference has turned to me and Five Star Productions for Emcee of their region wide cheer-leading competitions, as well as the Orchard Park School District. In the vein of helping kids I’ve also announced the introductions for numerous youth football associations within our region.

The Public Relations Student Society of America asked me to speak at Buffalo State College as an experienced professional from the broadcast industry. Still to this day I hear from many students who found benefit from our time together.

In late 2017 another old friend Ricky Baez came to visit me from Orlando Florida. Over a plate of chicken wings and a couple beers the idea for the HR TALK! Podcast was formed. Our first pilot was recorded in the Five Star Productions studios and we went live with our first episodes in early 2018.

Mid 2018 we were granted the chance to take the podcast on the road and be on the floor for the Disrupt Orlando 5.0 event at the EA Sports Headquarters. While in Central Florida preparing for that “red carpet recording”, I was also asked to step in and Emcee the entire event, for which I am forever grateful.

During my time in Central Florida in 2018 I was also asked to be a guest speaker at Rollins College. It was a great chance to connect with those in the Masters of Human Resource program to pass on my knowledge about Communicating to Connect with people. Just as with the Buffalo State experience, students have reached out and are currently staying in touch.

I have a fire in the belly for what I do best and I do encourage you to discover what I can do for you.

 I look forward to hearing from you!



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